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New energy, traditional energy should be equal emphasis on
Published£º2010.03.01 News source£ºQin Huangdao Donwoo Electronic Co. Ltd. Views£º

"The growing attention of the new energy, is the direction of our country. " Shanghai Jiao Tong University Energy Research Institute Professor Huang Zhen wrote: "now the main duty is still to improve the efficiency of traditional energy sources,and               realize technological innovation.¡±
new energy sources,: in 2010 as a supplement,in 2010 New energy accounts for 2% of total energy consumption ;in 2020 it is up to 10%,it step into a new stage; in 2030 it is expected to be important; in 2050, the new energy energy will become the dominant sources of energy. So far, we still have to focus on improving the efficiency of traditional energy sources.
Mr Huang said that solar energy is a important new energy, we are talking about the Chinese solar energy applications in production and capacity, but in fact, the real concern is that the development for basis material.The thin-film solar cell energy conversion rate is 8%, while the poly-silicon solar cell energy conversion rate is about 16%, in the material must be a new breakthrough. There be significant progress, If we can increase conversion rate of utilization of solar energy.

The expert that the opinion is familiar with Mr Huang, but different expressions :solar material is not good enough, should be positioned in the test and demonstration phase .In China there are many factories plane to build production lines, result in much waste of resources?

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